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Turkish Armed Forces declare curfew in Syrian city of Afrin

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The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) on Sunday declared a curfew in the northern Syrian city of Afrin due to unrest among armed groups in the area, the Artı Gerçek news website reported on Monday.

According to the TSK, which captured the city with Free Syrian Army (FSA) militants in March, the reason behind the curfew was to facilitate operations against the Ahrar-u Şarkiye and Hurras al-Din armed groups, accusing them of looting and plunder.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory announced on Sunday that there was armed conflict between the groups and the Turkish-backed FSA militants.

The observatory also said the departure of some 800 militants from Ahrar-u Şarkiye, which had an alliance with the TSK and FSA during the Afrin siege, had caused concern on the Turkish side.

Artı Gerçek’s report suggested that the TSK aimed to eliminate the Ahrar-u Şarkiye faction in rebel groups, which reportedly refused to join the alliance group, Ceyş-ül Vatan, which was formed after the TSK had captured the city.

There were reports of looting in the city earlier this year.

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