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Former minister Şimşek refuses to rejoin Erdoğan’s party, economy team

Former deputy prime minister and finance minister Mehmet Şimşek has rejected an offer from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to rejoin his party and economy...

Pro-Turkey fighters kill 4 Syria Kurds celebrating Nevruz: rights group

Turkish-backed fighters shot at a family of Kurds celebrating the festival of Nevruz in northern Syria on Monday, killing at least four people, Agence...

3 Turkish gendarmes detained over alleged killing of 2 Syrian refugees at border

Three Turkish gendarmes have been detained for the death of two Syrian refugees who were allegedly killed last week at the Turkey-Syria border, the...

Mishandling of earthquake debris feared to pose threat to environment and public health

The Chamber of Environmental Engineers has warned that the incredible amount of debris from thousands of buildings that were demolished in earthquakes that struck...

47 detained across Turkey for helping families of people jailed over alleged Gülen links

Forty-seven people have been detained in an İzmir-based operation that was also conducted in İstanbul, Ankara, Samsun and Muğla provinces for helping the families...


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Turkey’s Black Sea gas project faces delay due to earthquakes: report

The start of Turkish natural gas production from the Black Sea may be delayed by up to a month after staff had to leave to care for relatives affected...

Saudi Arabia deposits $5 billion in earthquake-hit Turkey’s central bank

Saudi Arabia said Monday it was depositing $5 billion in Turkey's central bank, a potentially major boost as the country grapples with inflation and...

Turkey’s inflation slows further as elections near

Turkey's inflation rate slowed for a fourth straight month in February but remained in double-digits ahead of elections in which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's...

Turkey’s trade deficit surges 52.8 percent in February after earthquakes

Turkey's foreign trade deficit stood at $12.19 billion in February, widening 52.8 percent year-on-year, highlighting the impact of last month's massive earthquakes on trade,...

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