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[VIDEO] State-run TRT host insults EP head Schulz by denigrating mother, family

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Hasan Kurtulmuş, a TV show host for Turkey’s state-run TV station TRT, has insulted European Parliament President Martin Schulz by denigrating his mother and family due to recent remarks made against the Turkish government.

During a recent program with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s top economic advisor, Yiğit Bulut, Kurtulmuş targeted Schulz for suggesting that the European Union consider imposing economic sanctions on Turkey due to state of emergency practices implemented by the Turkish government.

“What did we do to you to attract your enmity? What problem do we have with Mr. Schulz? Pointing his finger in this way… What we did to you? Did we have something to do with his mother? … Father? Did we get in a relationship with his family? What did we do?” he said.

Bulut also supported Kurtulmuş’s views during the program.

Following Schulz’s remarks suggesting the imposition of economic sanctions on Turkey, Erdoğan on Nov. 14 called Schulz disrespectful, daring him to do whatever he can and saying “Who the hell are you?“

Erdoğan condemned Europe’s warning of cutting ties with Turkey if the death penalty is reinstated and targeted EP President Schulz: “Who the hell are you? Who? A president of a parliament. What are you? Since when do you decide on behalf of Turkey? Look at this disrespectful man! What would happen if you were to impose all the sanctions you could? You are late in doing any of this.”

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