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AKP’s draft bill involves euthanasia of unadopted stray dogs despite backlash

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A draft law, planned to be submitted to parliament by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) this week, involves the euthanasia of unadopted stray dogs in Turkey despite backlash from animal rights activists, according to a report by the pro-government TV station A Haber on Monday.

The most recent amendment to Turkey’s Animal Rights Law took place in 2021. This revision encompassed compulsory pet microchipping, penalties for pet abandonment and a clause regarding the neutering and spaying of stray animals. Initially, lawmakers proposed a provision permitting the euthanasia of unadopted strays, but it was removed due to public opposition.

Animal protection organizations and opposition parties last week criticized the AKP’s draft law over allegations that it involves the capture and possible euthanasia of stray animals. A Haber’s report revealed that the ruling AKP has not abandoned the decision to put down unadopted animals despite the criticism.

According to the controversial draft law, the stray animals will be captured and placed in shelters. If they are not adopted within a month, they will be euthanized.

The authority to inspect the processes will be vested in the ministries and may be delegated to governor’s offices, the proposed law stipulates, with inspections carried out by municipalities and the police.

Municipalities will be tasked with establishing shelters within three years with the purpose of caring for stray animals until they are adopted. Information on all animals entering the shelters will be recorded.

The proposed law will also substantially increase the penalties for pet abandonment, raising them from TL 2,000 ($62) to TL 50,000 ($1,554).

The killing of stray animals is commonplace in Turkey, with dogs particular targets. In most cases, perpetrators are people disturbed by their barking or attacks on their livestock or other animals.

Stray dogs have been targeted even more frequently since a fourth-grader, Tunahan Yılmaz (10), in Ankara was attacked by a pack of dogs and sustained serious injuries.

In addition to its poor record on human rights, the country also has a poor record on the protection of animal rights. There are frequent reports about the mass killing of stray dogs by municipalities, while animal cruelty is not punished by law.

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