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AKP accused of stealing from municipalities lost to opposition, deleting files to hide corruption

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Allegations of corruption, misuse of public funds and deliberate attempts to destroy evidence of wrongdoing are being raised in municipalities that have shifted from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) to the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) across Turkey, in the wake of Sunday’s landmark local elections.

The elections marked a significant shift in Turkish politics, as the CHP toppled the AKP’s longstanding dominance in several key areas for the first time in decades.

In Manisa, former AKP officials, including former mayor Cengiz Ergün, are accused of trying to “empty the city coffers through large payments and last-minute transactions.” These actions, pointed out by newly elected CHP Mayor Ferdi Zeyrek, allegedly involved the transfer of millions of Turkish lira to various entities.

In İstanbul’s Üsküdar and Tuzla districts, outgoing AKP administrations are also under fire for approving last-minute contracts worth millions of lira for seemingly non-essential goods and services such as porcelain cups and pastry. These contracts, signed just hours before the new CHP representatives took office, are seen as an attempt to deplete municipal resources.

Reports from the İstanbul municipalities of Beyoğlu and Beykoz concern the alleged removal of municipal property and attempts to erase digital records.

In Beyoğlu, newly elected CHP Mayor İnan Güney accused the former AKP administration of removing computers from municipal buildings in what was seen as an attempt to delete files and hide evidence of corruption amassed over decades of rule by the AKP and its Islamist predecessors in the district.

Güney also pointed to reports of attempts to steal commercial kitchen appliances that were documented by CHP members.

In Beykoz, local media reported the unauthorized removal of public bicycles from municipal buildings, adding to suspicions of misconduct aimed at undermining the new CHP mayor.

In addition to allegations of corruption, the suspension of some public services has caused discontent among Turks.

In İstanbul’s Üsküdar district, one notable example is the discontinuation of a long-standing Ramadan tradition.

Under the AKP leadership, the community had set up an iftar (fast-breaking meal) tent every day during Ramadan to offer free meals. However, following the AKP’s electoral defeat, the municipality abruptly discontinued the service before it was handed over to the CHP.

Not only are residents being denied iftar meals, but in many districts of İstanbul and other parts of Turkey that will be turned over to the CHP by AKP mayors, their garbage is not being collected.

CHP representatives say they have taken legal action against the accused for misappropriation of funds, abuse of office and other related charges.

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