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Turkey second cheapest holiday destination for Germans: study

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A recent study by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) of Germany has revealed that following Albania, Turkey offers the cheapest holidays to Germans, with the cost of a vacation more than 50 percent lower than it is at home, the Demirören News Agency (DHA) reported on Friday.

The study, published on May 30, revealed that despite the rising energy and food costs affecting the vacation budget of many Germans, the price level for restaurants and hotel services in the majority of 26 southern and southeastern European vacation countries is low compared to Germany.

Turkey had the second lowest price level for vacations among all selected countries, with prices being 55.7 percent cheaper than in Germany. Albania had the lowest price level (56.2 percent), while Bulgaria (52.1 percent) came in third for German tourists, according to Destatis data.

The statistics further showed that vacationing in France and Italy comes at nearly the same prices as in Germany. In Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic, a German tourist pays nearly 18 percent less for their vacation compared to Germany, while in Greece, they can enjoy a vacation for 21 percent less and in Portugal and Malta, they can save up to 28 percent on their holiday expenses.

According to Destatis figures, Switzerland, Iceland and Denmark are the most expensive vacation countries, with prices being 61 percent, 53.2 percent and 44.1 percent higher, respectively, compared to Germany.

Commenting on the study, chairman of the Tourism Working Group of the Antalya City Council Recep Yavuz stated that a German tourist can afford to take three vacations in Turkey for the same amount of money they would spend on one holiday in Germany.

“The main reason for the current increase in demand from Germany is this situation. Turkey is the second most advantageous country for Germans to have a vacation in terms of price,” he added.

In Turkey costs on-site are expected to become even cheaper in the summer since the lack of confidence in the economic environment following elections in Turkey in May, which resulted in the victory of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, led to further depreciation of the lira. It traded at 20.87 to the dollar on Friday.

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