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[OPINION] Is the Kurdish settlement process warming up?

Berk Uluç After months of almost total isolation, the Turkish government permitted visits to leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Abdullah Öcalan, who is...

[OPINION] Abundant accusations, little evidence

İsmail Sezgin*/ London The Turkish media – or what is left of it – has already found Fethullah Gülen guilty of the coup attempt on...

Questions we dare not ask: Gülen and the coup [OPINION – ÖZCAN KELEŞ*]

Questions we dare not ask: Gülen and the coup* Özcan Keleş** Gareth Jenkins once criticized Turkey’s infamous Ergenekon indictments on the grounds that they were “products...

What does Turkey deserve? [OPINION – VICTORIA ANDERSON]

By Victoria Anderson* Life never will be the same for millions in Turkey after the foiled coup of July 15. Naturally, intense trauma is to be...

Today’s Zaman Ankara representative Bozkurt fired by trustees

English-language Today’s Zaman daily’s Ankara representative, Abdullah Bozkurt, has said he was dismissed by the new administration of Feza Media Group, which was taken...

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