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Silivri police chief found dead in his office

Silivri Police Chief Hakan Çalışkan

The police chief of İstanbul’s Silivri district, Hakan Çalışkan, was found dead in his office on Monday morning, the Milliyet daily reported.

A police officer who entered Çalışkan’s office on Monday morning found him lying on the floor and called medical teams, which pronounced the police chief dead at the scene.

According to Milliyet, Çalışkan, who had a gunshot wound to the head, committed suicide.

A public prosecutor subsequently made an examination at the scene of the incident.

A CNN Türk report said an expert team was sent by the İstanbul Police Department to determine whether Çalışkan was murdered or had committed suicide.

After working as a deputy director at the finance branch of the İstanbul Police Department, Çalışkan was appointed as Silivri police chief on Dec. 26, 2016. He was known for his diligence in fighting against the use of illegal drugs.

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