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Imprisoned columnist, former singer Atilla Taş married in prison

Atilla Tas

Singer Atilla Taş

Atilla Taş, a former singer and a columnist who was put in jail after a massive post-coup purge in Turkey got married in prison on Monday.

Taş, whose tweets went viral, had been offered a job writing for the critical Meydan daily, where he penned sharp criticism of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government. The newspaper was shut down along with 160 other media outlets after a failed coup on July 15, and many of its columnists were targeted.

Taş (45) was married to Meltem Güler in Silivri Prison. He has been in jail since Sept. 3 on charges of terrorism and coup plotting, with no evidence presented, like tens of thousands of other people in Turkey.

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